T.R. Nimen Inc | 2002: Christmas Card

Graphic Design by
Duane Smith:

From Graphic Design
{ Technician }
to Civil Service Engineering
to Education: Graphic
Research Developer
| Illustrator|Educator
| Civil Service
(Murals) | Draftsman
|*Exhibited work-site
below from
main menu.*Fulltime:
1999-2011 | Mass Media
Communications: Jr
Art Director: Duane Smith
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**Please read intricately:
{ with tea, coffee and
a coffee cake } :
March 2012 | + email: duanesmith1@gmail.com |
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Skills  { Proficiency in the following programs including: } QuarkXpress, Adobe CS3, Flash, HTML (CSS), SketchUP  (AutoCAD: entry-level) and Microsoft Office Work CROSS-PLATFORM: PC and MACTypesetting: GRAPHIC DESIGN | type 80 wpm: clerical and office duties including lifting
upto 70lbs] and skilled field including architectural rendering and illustration:

1. Entry-level Carpentry: House building
2. Agriculture and farming
3. Pro-Bono Communications for Non-Profit Organizations
4. Curriculum Development for Educational Purposes within      Communication Arts | Writing and Research and
5. *Coloringbooks for youth

Contact: duanesmith1@gmail.com
Main Site: http://wwwdsmithdesigndevelop.blogspot.com


T.R. Nimen Inc | 2003 Gala Preview: Interactive

Duane Smith: graphic design and civil service engineer: Interactive Media​ Resume

T.R. Nimen Inc |  Interactive

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T.R. Nimen Inc | 2003 Gala Preview: Interactive

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duane smith: graphic design and civil service engineer: Interactive media​

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GSCM: Presentation: Civil Service Engineering | Educator